The Marimba and Steelpan Festival is upon us

 It’s that time of the year again; the International Marimba and Steelpan Festival is upon us. This event is curated by Education Africa in partnership with the St Dominic’s Catholic School for Girls in Boksburg.

This event takes place over a 2 day period, the 29^th and 30^th of July. This is a great family weekend out. The main focal point of the festival is a series of competitions, which has about 2000 performers this year with over 250 performances. We have bands from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and South Africa. This event is well-rounded as there are fun activities for the whole family throughout the 2 day period. If you have any interest in learning how to play a marimba or steelpan, djembe drums, mbira (thumb piano), various dance forms etc  this would be the best place to do all that, as there will be workshops from beginners well into advanced players. That’s not all; the festival has a flea market where one can purchase interesting musical items as well as all sorts of crafts and meals.

The marimba and steelpan competitions are divided into various age groups and categories as part of the main event with hands-on workshops on a variety of traditional music topics as part of the fringe festival. A massed marimba and steelpan experience in the main venue is not to be missed as well as performances on marimbas and steelpans by leading artists in various other venues.  If you have always wanted to be part of a drumming team building event then the massed drumming experience is for you!

Music brings people together and builds bridges of understanding, respect and tolerance, which is why the International Marimba and Steelpan festival is the best place to come and learn about different cultures and meet different people from all over Africa and the world at large. Two of the many highlights of the festival: massed drumming and the massed marimba & steelpan performance are symbolic as they serve as a vehicle of social cohesion and inter-social relationships. The vibe and atmosphere is electric during these sessions as everyone is excited to be part of such a large gathering of oneness and unity.

This year the festival will be held in Boksburg at St Dominic’s Catholic School for Girls in Boksburg. For more information please visit our website or call us on 0116857300 for more information.