It’s a Tuesday morning around 11:00, first Tuesday after the most-talked about fashion event (SA Fashion Week) South Africa has ever seen. I’m told it was a great success, seven years after its inception. Themba of the clothing label Darkie has given me directions to his studio. I have never seen him in the flesh and I’m waiting in anticipation near the premises. I give him a call and he tells me exatcly where he is, and I see him just next to the door of the half-built studio. Greetings are shared and he welcomes me in. We go up the stairs where the creative juices flow. When I enter, I didn’t actually expect a glamourous place since I know it’s a place of work, but I was impressed by the way things were organised. I look around and say, “so this is where it all happens?”. He responds, “pretty much so I guess”. He offers me something to drink and I thank him. He offers me a seat on a cushion on the floor.. we start chatting, for real now.